Developer: RILEA GROUP
Interior Design : RADYCA

Rilea Group


Since its inception in 1981, Rilea Group has firmly established itself as a cornerstone of Miami’s real estate development scene. Known for delivering projects that redefine skylines and enrich communities, Rilea Group’s portfolio, featuring landmarks such as the headquarters of J.P. Morgan at 1450 Brickell, showcases its commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainable growth. Their dedication to shaping urban landscapes and enriching lives while ensuring a substantial return for partners is evident in every project they undertake.

Deforma Studio

Deforma Studio, a boutique architecture and interior design firm based in Miami, FL, is celebrated for creating spaces that harmonize beauty, comfort, and functionality. With a commitment to enhancing human experiences within built and natural environments, Deforma Studio leverages over 35 years of combined experience to offer comprehensive design services. Their work spans architecture, interiors, planning, and graphic design, each project a new space exploration driven by creativity and pragmatic problem-solving.


RADYCA, bringing over two decades of experience in architecture and design, is a Miami-based collective known for its sophisticated interpretation of luxury across a broad spectrum of projects. From the high seas of super-yachts to the urban elegance of high-rise buildings, RADYCA’s portfolio showcases refined design that transcends trends. Their mission centers on delivering a personalized and hands-on design experience that elevates the value of real estate and other investments through timeless, high-end design solutions.

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